+-Is there any cost to use the app?


The app is designed to help make using OziCall easier, more convenient, and more fun.

+-Can I use the app on my iPad?


The OziCall service can only be used from your mobile phone or from a landline.

+-Which countries can I call?

There are more than 70 countries included in the OziCall plan.

OziCall is always looking to bring more countries into the plan, so please check occasionally on our Country List page.

+-What phone number do people see when I call them from the app?

Since the app dials through your iPhone or Android device, the Caller ID shows to those you call is your mobile phone number.

+-Can people return my call?


Since the app sends your mobile phone number as the Caller ID, people just return calls by dialing your mobile number.

+-What is that beeping sound after I dial?

This is just the OziCall system letting you know it’s in the process of connecting your call.

+-What Is Talk Up?

Talk Up is new way to make free international calls using a free virtual calling card.

Use your landline to create an account and add free Talk Up credit, then use any phone (land or mobile) to make free international calls.

+-How Do I Get A Free Talk Up Account?

Getting started with Talk Up is easy. Just follow these steps:

  1. Find a landline phone that you have regular access to that can call 1300 numbers. Talk Up uses your landline phone number as your account number so make sure this is a phone you will be using often. Don’t worry, you can always create a new free account from another phone number later on.
  2. Get a pen and paper to write down your account number, then dial 1300 721 478. Listen to our welcome prompt, and wait a moment while we create your new account. Every new account comes with 30 minutes of free Talk Up credit.
  3. Need more credit? Hang up and call the number again. Listen to the menu and select the option to add more Talk Up minutes. We will give you 7 minutes of additional credit everytime you call. Call over and over again to charge up your account.

+-After I have Talk Up credit, how do I make a free international call?

To use your Talk Up credit, you just need to do the following:

Dial one of our access numbers from any phone:

    • Melbourne: 03 8820 5027
    • Sydney: 02 8015 5870

Listen to the prompt, then enter your account number when we ask for it.

After you enter your account number, dial 0011 and your international destination starting with the country code.

Wait while we connect your call.

+-Can I call from more than one landline?

You can call from many different landlines, but we will create a new account number for each landline you call in from.

If you want to avoid having to write down a lot of account numbers, then you should call in from just one landline phone number.

+-How do I check my balance or account number?

To check your balance or account number, you need to dial 1300 721 478 from the landline that you created your Talk Up account on.

When you call in, we recognize your account and let you manage it from there. Select the option for information about my Talk Up account and we’ll read you your balance and account number.

+-When I call Talk Up, it says my caller ID is not recognized

If you get this error when you call one of our 1300 Talk Up numbers, hang up and dial again using 1832 at the start of the number.

For instance dial 1832 1300 721 478. This will unblock your phone, send the caller ID to us, and allow Talk Up to work from your phone.

+-Can I transfer my Talk Up credit to a new account?

Yes. You can create new Talk Up accounts with 100 or 250 minutes of talk time by transferring a part of your existing Talk Up balance to the new account. To do this, dial 1300 721 478 and select option 8 or 9 in the menu.

Make sure that you have a pen and paper handy before calling in because we will read the new account number off to you only during that call.

+-What is express charging?

If you want to add more Talk Up credit to an existing account and do not want to listen to any of our other menu options, then dial 1300 721 039. This number adds 7 minutes of Talk Up time to your account very quickly.

+-Are there any costs to using Talk Up?

OziCall does not charge you anything for using talk up, HOWEVER to charge and manage your Talk Up account, you need to dial 1300 numbers from a landline phone.

Depending on your landline phone plan, you may be charged a per call fee to dial our 1300 numbers. Some landline plans have unlimited 1300 access in them, and others charge you for each 1300 call you make. You should be fully aware of any charges associated with calling 1300 numbers before dialing our Talk Up 1300 numbers.

To avoid bill shock, do not charge up hundreds of Talk Up minutes if you get charged per call to 1300 numbers.